The Yard Bots

Founder, Tony Kopcok had a personal requirement to work “smarter” not “harder” in managing his own property needs. Enlisting the help of the mini 4×4, street legal dump truck he imported from Japan, he managed the maintenance of his own property and those of his neighbours. Compared to the conventional methods offered by other companies, this was much more efficient and simple.

The vehicle is like a “robot” yard helper – the concept of using a mini dump truck in delivering and placing bulk landscape and garden materials often right where they are needed, is a novel concept that he soon came to realize, can be repeated in every community across the country and thus the “Yard Bots” franchise was born!

As fantastic as the concept was for material delivery, Tony soon found a growing need to provide yard service beyond that of bulk product delivery itself, so he quickly added “Yard Buddy Yard Service” to compliment the delivery service. We can “deliver it, spread it and maintain it!” Yard Bots is shaking up the billion dollar landscape industry by merging product and service purchases and shifting them online for ease and convenience. We are simplifying, modernizing and streamlining the yard service process and through caring attentive Yard Bot Technicians, delivering an outstanding and efficient experience.


Because Yard Bots are so compact, your materials can be delivered and often placed right where you need them – for less! Coupled with our Yard Buddy yard service, you can choose from a wide range of yard services to meet your ongoing yard maintenance needs. Our Yard Bots hauling service is the perfect option for anything you may need delivered or removed including yard waste, junk removal and more!