Yard Bots environmental benefits are many. Our process, methodology and and equipment are unlike any other business. Our goal of disrupting the garden and landscape business has the ability to makeover the entire way consumers address their unique property needs and reducing environmental impacts at the same time.

Our unique service model can cut C02 emissions by almost 10X and eliminate the need for plastic!

Low-emission vehicles

89% less emissions for the same trip as competitors

Sustainable green waste and junk removal process

Our direct influence on environmental
benefits include:

  • Low emission vehicles utilized

  • Reduced emissions by eliminating transport at multiple levels.

  • Green waste is composted for reusable garden material and junk is properly disposed of at appropriate waste management facilities.

  • Eliminating the need for plastic packaging at various levels.

  • Easily placing the product where its needed, with minimal environmental impact.

  • Reducing travel by offering online services for product purchase, delivery and waste removal.