Yard Bots Franchise

Yard Bots is shaking up the billion dollar landscape industry by merging product and service purchases and shifting them online for ease and convenience. We are simplifying, modernizing and streamlining the yard service process and through caring and attentive Yard Bot technicians, delivering an outstanding and efficient experience.

Yard Bots Operates Three Distinct Services for a Comprehensive Property Maintenance Solution.

Yard Buddy Yard Service™

  • Property maintenance solution for residential, commercial and public.
  • Mulching, soil top up, garden beds, hedge clipping, tree trimming.
  • Lawn mowing, edging, weed eating, weeding, brush cutting, seeding, fertilizing, power washing and more!

Small Load Delivery Service

  • Bulk garden & Landscape material delivery.

  • Delivered with the mini 4×4 dump truck often right where it’s needed.

  • Cost effective, environmentally friendly & efficient.

Trucking Service

  • Small load junk/waste/debris removal.
  • Small load delivery of anything a customer may need delivered.

  • Delivery ideas include trees, shrubs, potted plants – anything a customer needs but can’t get themselves.

Prime territories are being offered with unlimited growth potential!

Yard Bots is revolutionizing the Garden and Landscape business by offering our products and services for order online. Customers love the ease with which they can handle their property maintenance needs with any or all of the above services. Browse, purchase and schedule service…simply!

Yard Bots business owners are filling a niche market with a complete system that includes territory, vehicle, equipment, website, IT, support and a growing brand that is gathering a dedicated, loyal customer base thrilled to accept product and service in a manner never offered before!



  • A customized mini 4×4 dump truck with upgraded suspension, back up camera, complete with vivid branding, colour and logo that attracts attention.

  • Large initial territories available, with local and regional advertising campaigns.

  • Complete operational systems and training provided.
  • Ongoing support, training, products, and assistance with vehicle parts and maintenance.
  • Custom IT solution including territorial specific web page, integrating POS, financial data, calendar, quoting, online booking and advertising with on call IT service.

  • Very low overhead, low initial investment, with high margins and unlimited market potential.
  • Turnkey business – everything provided for start-up.
  • Established relationship with bulk suppliers at various locations.


Join the The Yard Bots franchise system and get in on an industry about the explode with growth.

Prime territories now available across Vancouver Island, BC.

For franchise information, please contact: